Stop the strain on your email infrastructure & lower your monthly costs at the same time. Email archiving is a great way to streamline your communication workflow and keep your staff focused on the here and now.

Why should you jump on the bandwagon?

  • Improved IT system performance – remove unneeded strain
  • Encrypted storage – peace of mind knowing your data’s safe
  • Simple management, simple access, no updates needed, etc
  • Archived emails & data are easily accessible, even very old archives
  • No performance detriment – browse emails as if they weren’t archived

Our email archiving platform makes it easy to archive old emails while retaining quick and easy access to them at the same time. It’s simple to make the switch, and we’ll take care of the nuts and bolts for you.

We can have you up and running in just hours, and tailor archival policies around your requirements. Take a look at this summary from our email archival partner, SpamExperts.

Our email archival platform works nicely with most email platforms, including older versions of on-premise Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect and similar. It works with all systems offering a standard communication method (ie. MAPI, IMAP & POP) and can be initially set up using archives with ease (ie. PST, ZIP, NSF, etc).

If you’ve used other email archiving systems to date, we’re able to migrate those archives in to our platform to make your initial set-up even easier. We’ve focused on ensuring our system is simple yet functional to use, which means your staff won’t require more than a quick debrief about their new archival system.

Archived emails can be immediately downloaded as EML or PDF files from the web interface. Administrators are able to control user access, refine archival policies and view usage by their teams. Our team are here to help should you need us.

If you’re a Hosted Exchange or Managed Office 365 customer of ours, we’re able to set-up in-place archives that are readily available in your email clients (ie. Outlook). Please get in touch with our support team and we can get your archives up and running with ease.

Messy inbox and folders? Ready, steady, archive. Call or email us.