The time’s right to shift mission-critical platforms to a dependable remote desktop environment – it allows you to streamline your workflows and reduce your operating costs. Get in touch with us for more information as to how you can save money and increase efficiency – we’ll work with your team to design the perfect solution.

Some key benefits:

  • Your data’s kept safe by secure, encrypted connections
  • Enjoy personal & shared storage spaces, drives, etc
  • You’re able to connect from any device
  • All VMs are protected by Avira anti-virus as well as enhanced network security
  • Backed by bullet-proof local support

Are you looking to make a move to thin clients? We can licence & pre-install Microsoft software packages (Office, Project, RMS, etc) as well as other 3rd-party programs (Autodesk, SAP, etc). We offer standardised deployment bundles to make your life easier & give you the option to scale up or down as you wish. Our bullet-proof support team will be sure to keep your team moving.

You’re able to access your remote workplace from desktop computers, laptops, thin clients and PCs on USB sticks, just to name a few options.

Ready for simplicity & savings? It's built for business. Call or email us.