If you’re already utilising a PBX over copper, why not make a cost-effective easy move to VoIP? There’s no hardware charges (you’d keep your existing PBX & handsets), and you’ll know in advance when your numbers will cut over to VoIP so you can prepare for the transition ahead of time.

SIP trunking allows you to enjoy the benefits of a robust IP voice service while minimising costs and service disruption to make the switch. We offer a number of different implementations depending on your PBX and local configuration.

Make the switch to SIP trunking to enjoy:

  • No hardware charges
  • An easy transition to VoIP
  • High-definition voice quality
  • Toll fraud prevention systems
  • Option of SIP or IAX2 trunking
  • Automatic routing of failed calls
  • The ability to keep your numbers

Do you have varied or significant call usage? A range of local & special numbers?

Whether you’ve one number or thousands, we’re geared up to service your needs with ease. We support all Australian numbers and can cater to your international number requirements with ease as well.

No two companies are the same – we understand that your needs are likely to differ from month to month and that you’ll want to avoid bill shock. We’ll prepare your trunking package around your past usage (we take in to account your previous 3-6 months of usage at a minimum to ensure we’re considering the full picture) and will recommend call inclusions and a line count based around that.

It becomes more cost-effective as your usage increases. The more calls you make, the lower we can set your rates. The more numbers you bring on-board, the more we can bring your number costs down.

Our platform works with you and rewards your growth over time. Get in touch with us and send over your most recent 3 bills for a pain and obligation-free quote.

Ready for VoIP freedom? Come and trunk with us. Call or email us.