Utilising a scalable & robust local deployment of SpamExperts, we’re able to offer cost-effective inbound & outbound email filtering whether you host your email with us or elsewhere.

With full support for all email platforms, our managed solution simply slots in to place without any of the usual caveats. We’re an authorised distributor of SpamExperts.

Some benefits of our hosted email filtering platform include:

  • Improved email continuity (if the destination server is down, email queues on the filtering server)
  • Easy reporting of missed spam (Outlook plugin, web page, etc)
  • Robust database of patterns and identifying details (updated continuously)
  • No software installations, meaning no lost server¬†resources
  • No risk of IP blacklisting, keeping your IPs clean
  • Easy to understand reports and abuse details

Take a look at these summaries provided by our spam filtering partner SpamExperts for both incoming and outgoing filtering.

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