Utilising a scalable & robust local deployment of SpamExperts, we’re able to offer free-of-charge inbound & outbound email filtering for all of your web and email hosting services with us – no strings attached! It’s enabled by default, ready for you to enjoy.

Our SpamExperts system has proven itself to be up to the challenge of protecting our clients from spam year in, year out. Find out for yourself with our Business Hosting.

Some benefits of our email filtering include:

  • Easy to understand reports and abuse details
  • No risk of IP blacklisting, keeping your domains clean
  • No software installations, meaning no lost server resources
  • Easy reporting of missed spam (Outlook plugin, web page, etc)
  • Robust database of patterns and identifying details (updated continuously)
  • Improved email continuity (if the destination server is down, email queues on the filtering server and is delivered when the destination comes back up)

Take a look at these summaries provided by our spam filtering partner SpamExperts for both incoming and outgoing filtering. Contact us for a demonstration.

We understand just how critical email is to modern business – without it, your world grinds to a pre-historic halt in a heartbeat. The same applies when emails don’t make it to recipients due to reputation issues. This is where SpamExperts comes in.

Our local SpamExperts cluster consists of several servers processing both inbound and outbound mail for our customers. Configuring your existing email system to use our filtering platform is a breeze, and we’ll happily step out the process for you to make sure the implementation goes without a hitch.

In order to mitigate against IP reputation issues, we maintain a large number of sending IPs which we keep “warm” to make sure mail continues to be delivered without issue when we change sending IPs while we resolve the occasional IP blacklisting.

You’ll have access to the industry-leading SpamPanel which gives you full control over how mail’s processed and routed once it’s been filtered. Whether you want to go with the default configuration or fine-tune it, the system’s ready for your mail (and spam).

n.b. While our filters are very thorough, no filter is perfect & some spam will slip through on occasion

Tired of spam taking over your inbox? Banish it. Call or email us.