What sets us apart from the crowd?


Integrity, transparency & care

Since day one, we’ve been uber passionate about being a clear-cut no-bullshit company. We don’t over-complicate things, we bill reasonably and explain what you’re paying for, and we tell it how it is.

If there’s an issue, you can guarantee we’ll be on top of it. If we make a mistake, we’ll be up-front and tell it how it is. If we’re able to spend an extra few minutes here or there to save you time or money in the long run, we’ll take the time.

We care about our customers. You’re our number one priority day-to-day – after all, you’re the ones paying us.


Knowledgeable & personal technicians

It’s never nice when you have a mission-critical system go down or a website fall offline right when you need it, to then file a support ticket and be run in circles by the person who’s supposed to be helping you.

We sure hate it when that happens to us. That’s why we only hire staff who fit our ethos and take care of our customers. They’re knowledgeable, well trained and take a pragmatic approach to their work, but above all they’re genuinely exceptional people.

Our staff love it when our customers are happy, which makes us happy. In return, we offer our staff flexible conditions & great perks.

Where'd it all begin?

Ink Systems is the result of years of passion, dedication and late nights by its founder and his dedicated team. The owner started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 – from freelance designing websites, he had a stint in a Bachelor of IT at Macquarie University before starting work in the web hosting industry. From there, he made the move across to self-employment and the ball started rolling.

Initially trading as a boutique Drupal website design firm “Ink Websites”, the company quickly expanded. As it grew, the company adopted many additional services. By 2014, Ink Systems had as many IT consulting clients to its name as it did web design clients.

Today, it boasts clients such as Red Rooster and Daimler Mercedes-Benz, and continues to grow year-on-year. Ink Systems has never received any investments, and has been reliant solely on its own business planning.

Our roadmap for 2019 is vast yet intricate, and will provide a wealth of extra convenience and flexibility to our loyal customer base. We love going above and beyond for our customers, and are proud to say that it’s rare for us to lose one.

Why the name? Why ink?

You’re not the first person to ask that question! While it’s definitely a head turner and a talking point – “is that Inc or Ink?” – it’s a name that’s been with us since day one back when the company consisted solely of its founder.

Ink has defined the human population for centuries – it has long been an expression of art, emotion, stories and education. It first appeared around 2500 BC in Egyptian and Chinese civilisations, and has since written some of the world’s most defining and powerful documents.

With the ever-rising use of computers, ink is slowly becoming less prevalent. In 2010, a young man formed this unusually-named company – it was an ode to the power and prestige of ink, on scrolls, in pens, in printers and above all else, as a form of art.

We, we are Ink Systems!

Some of our happy clients