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A few words about us

We’re a friendly & nerdy team with experience that spans most things IT and tech. Primarily based out of Sydney and Newcastle, we’re an on-shore company with some overseas consultants (in Europe, the UK and the USA).

Our team is the reason we’re able to keep expanding our offering and servicing more clients, and we make sure they’re rewarded accordingly.

A few of the perks

  • Highly flexible working conditions (office, home, mobile)
  • Flexible leave allowances (we understand that life takes place too)
  • Down-to-earth management (the type who work with you, not against you)
  • Decentralised systems (all of our systems are online, log on from anywhere)
  • Flexible rostering (flexible choices of hours & ability to opt to be on-call or not)
  • A working environment that works with you (none of that paper-based rubbish)
  • Staff benefits (home internet connection, mobile phone plan, team dinners, etc)

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

~ Albert Einstein