Current opportunities:

Nothing to show here.

Show us what you’ve got:

If there are no open roles above but you think you’re worth your weight in gold, shoot an email to our careers team with a blurb about yourself and a copy of your resume.

A few words about us:

We’re a friendly & nerdy team with experience that covers most things IT. Primarily based out of Sydney, we’re an on-shore company with some off-shore consultants (Europe).

Our team is the reason we’re able to keep expanding our offering and servicing more clients, and we make sure they’re rewarded accordingly.

A few of the perks:

  • Highly flexible working conditions (office, home, mobile)
  • Decentralised systems (all of our systems are online, log on from anywhere)
  • Flexible rostering (flexible choices of hours & ability to opt to be on-call or not)
  • A working environment that works with you (none of that paper-based inefficient rubbish)
  • Down-to-earth management (the type who work with you, not against you)
  • Flexible leave allowances
  • Staff benefits (home internet connection, mobile phone plan, team dinners, etc)