Ad-hoc IT support customers enjoy the freedom of purchasing support hours when they need them. There are no agreements to sign and no minimum support requirements.

If you suspect that your business will only require IT support every now and then, it’s likely not cost-effective for you to sign up for managed IT support. Prepaid support hours give you an effective way to save money while having the peace of mind that if something were to happen, you’d be covered.

Under your prepaid support hours, you receive access to our technical team and our vast industry resources. You’re free to contact us as you please, whether it be by phone, email or ticket.

If you’d like further information about our ad-hoc IT support services, or wish to enquire about pricing please feel free to reach out to us. Pricing becomes more cost-effective as you purchase larger-sized support blocks.

Our technicians are trained across a variety of platforms, and are able to cover off work spanning Windows (& Server), Linux and macOS in addition to other equipment.

Removing your IT headaches starts with untangling & auditing your network.

In an ideal world, IT would run seamlessly and wouldn’t ever come in the way of what your team need to get done day-to-day. Sadly this isn’t always the case and slow-downs, bugs and errors can happen. Critical failures often strike unprepared companies.

It’s important to have an understanding of what’s happening across your network. This means working out which equipment you have within your company, how it’s being used and by who, as well as how the various parts of your network talk to each other. When we on-board any IT consulting clients, whether they be managed or ad-hoc, a technology audit is the first step in the relationship.

A network audit involves us running through your hardware, software and networks, and documenting our findings as we go. From there, we’re able to make recommendations to you as to what could or should be changed in order to improve your IT experience from the get-go. Often times these audits allow our clients to simplify their technology and enjoy smoother sailing day-to-day as a result.

IT driving you up the wall? Let us be your IT therapists. Call or email us.