Law Court cases have a tendency to go down rather specific rabbit holes, especially when avoidance and stalling techniques come in to play. It’s critical that you’re able to respond effectively with powerful and irrefutable evidence and reports.

Having audited and reported findings for clients across the years, we know what it takes to deliver bulletproof evidence that will work for you throughout the duration of your case’s time before the Courts. We’ve professionally reported our investigative findings from audits with small to medium scale enterprises through to national legal firms.

  • Professionally constructed & presented reports
  • White-label format, both brandable & customisable
  • Explained technically and well with all parties in mind

While we’re more than happy to discuss our consulting rates and presumptive report costs from the outset, it’s impossible for us to know exactly how much work will be involved in our investigations and reporting for your case. Please bear this in mind.

We’re experienced in working to tight submission and hearing schedules.

Having your expert reports written by industry veterans makes a difference.

We know just how critical it is that every minuscule slither of information and evidence is captured, documented and effectively reported. What might not have an immediately direct bearing on your case could in fact play a critical role as the case progresses.

Once we’ve completed all required audits and investigations, we’ll present our findings to you along with a drafted skeleton report for your review. From there, we’ll revise the report based on your feedback and our subsequent recommendations and will provide it alongside all supporting evidence. Further revisions can be made as needed.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide reasonable theories and concerns that we deduced to be practicable based on the case’s pre-existing evidence as well as what we uncovered during our investigations. Our extensive security experience allows us to dig deeper and report more than your average experts.

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